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Nyberg Hostel, KNUST Campus

Ayeduase, Kumasi (AK-568-9657)

Sundays: 07:30am - 8:30am

GPM - Rehoboth Chapel

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Rehoboth Chapel
KNUST Campus

By God's design and purpose is to help tertiary students grow in their faith, relationships, and to recapture the universities for Christ, by affording them an opportunity to know and accept Christ as their personal saviour and to increase in knowledge of God's word through Christ our saviour.

Rehoboth is headed by Rev Dr. Timothy Adjei, an statute God fearing medical doctor who has passion for youth development and helping them to come to faith, an opportunity to help believers become disciples of Christ and be rooted as Christians, which will set them up for a lifetime of service.

This is what we stand for as a ministry and by God's guidance as envisioned to the vision bearers, our senior pastors. The ministry starts with encouraging our members in developing a personal walk with the Lord and developing intimacy with Christ, engagement in Bible study, and attachment to a Godly relationship through Christ.

Rehoboth Chapel is firmly focused on acceptance of the absolute veracity of God's word, and its relevance for young people.
Focused on taking the gospel of Christ to the university, and to all areas of the body of Christ.
Biblically-rooted, discipleship-orientated, focusing on helping students to put down deep roots in Christ.
Mission-minded, challenging students to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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